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Welcome to Indy Pins! The best custom products manufacturer. Here you will find what you are looking for: the chance to obtain your own custom artciles exactly as you want them. Contact us and we will gladly help you with everything you need.



    In Indy Pins we are specialists in providing our clients all kind of custom pins and other advertising products. Our custom lapel pins are ideal for many different purposes, such as: advertising campaings, rewarding employees, collectors, promoting brands or events, gifts…

    You will have the chance to full customize your products, sending us your artwork or, if you prefer, our artistic department will gladly design it under your guidelines.
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    Advertising pins

    Customised advertising and economic pins, you can deliver them at events and celebrations of all kinds. In our catalogue you will be able to buy pins to personalize wholesale for an economic price and with total guarantee of quality.

    Pins for events

    At many parties and events, for example, of a charitable nature, it is common to be given a personalised pin in exchange for a financial contribution to a good cause. Or as a gift for attending the party or event organised to show that distinctive character.

    Pins for companies

    Custom business pins allow you to strengthen your brand and are a good marketing option that will effectively advertise your business with a small investment.  Let’s see how this can influence the growth of your business and why using custom pins is so effective.

    Town halls

    Every self-respecting town council must have heraldic insignias with its coat of arms. Isn’t it perfect to give a pin to every councillor? Isn’t it great to offer your coat of arms to visitors?


    Commemorations are events that represent the accomplishment of a feat achieved or an achievement accomplished. Therefore, many people consider it very important to celebrate it through a special event where some recognition is given.


    Association pins are accessories that go hand in hand with fashion, that can be adapted to any need due to the great amount of diversity, and that can be applied for each personalization.