Advertising Pins

6 formula one pins

Customized pins for advertising companies, personalized with the logo of the company you need. We hope you like them.

Shaped advertising pins?

All our pins have the form that the client indicates us. If you want quality pins, they must be custom shaped. We do not make prefabricated pins.

What does the metal of the advertising pins look like?

The metal of the advertising pins can be in the following finishes

  • Bright silver
  • Brilliant gold
  • Bronze
  • Glossy black
  • Black
  • Matt silver
  • Matt gold
  • Matt bronze
  • Matt silver
  • Matt gold
  • Matt bronze

Advertising pins in 2D and 3D?

3D reliefs are used to capture designs that cannot be captured with a high relief and a low relief (2D pins).

Normally these pins would be for example to represent the image with reliefs of a virgin, people or animals.

What is the difference between 2D and 3D?

2D pins are made with high and low relief. Normally a high relief level and a low relief level are played with. You can see the following image to understand it better.

At Indy Pins we have been manufacturing and distributing pins and other advertising elements for 10 years and all our products are of high quality. We are specialists in the production of products such as advertising pins.

We create your advertising pins with a corporate logo quickly, simply contact us by email and send the logo to be reproduced and the quantity. We will advise you at all times in an easy and efficient way when manufacturing your pins and badges. We invite you to see our pins in our web gallery and to contact us personally.

Amongst our customers to whom we have sent advertising pins are universities, schools and town councils. As well as all kinds of companies and associations.

We do the graphic assembly and we retouch it as many times as necessary until the client confirms that it is to their liking. The pins can have any size and format, just tell us your idea.