Association pins are accessories that go hand in hand with fashion, that can be adapted to any need due to the great amount of diversity, and that can be applied for each personalization.

Whether for events, reminders, awards, among others, they are a fantastic gift that can be used to highlight a brand or leave a mark among your guests. Learn about the main features and other interesting data that will make you choose these types over other models.

Association pins are one of those accessories that are still clouded by a certain amount of ambiguity. They look sophisticated, that’s for sure, but how do you actually use them? Knowing the different types of association pins, as well as their correct use and customisation is a must.

Association pins are intrinsically linked to the history of fashion and emit an old-world sensibility. As vintage looks are gaining popularity in the global fashion sphere, association pins are also
gaining a widespread renaissance. Its universal recognition is attributed to its ability to add a level of charisma to the ubiquitous costume styles.


  • According to the material (Plastic and Metal)
  • According to the type of pin (Needle or Butterfly)
  • According to the shape (Round or Square)
  • According to the enamel
  • According to the shape of its surface (Smooth or Corrugated)


To customise your association pins, you just need to put your wits about you. One way to customise them is by changing the conventional shapes of the pins, as well as the size of the pins. But the easiest way to customise association pins is by creating a unique and original design that no other company or association can copy.

If you are part of a partnership, you will probably want to wear the best pins for different purposes, and considering the features is an important step in defining how you will customize this accessory. It is best to consider the following points:

When we refer to this kind of pins for a partnership, manufacturing them is a selective process of materials thought by the final customer. Whatever material is decided to be used, the most suitable methods are chosen.

If the association’s representative is thinking about the commemoration, as an anniversary of the guild, different options can be presented that do not involve a high cost. A metal pin is an attractive option that could be made for a large order or in quantities.

These types of pins are easy to shape, and are in great demand for practicality and authenticity, providing a unique representation of the organisation. In short, it is an excellent option for all tastes.

In cases where a metallic material is used, the iron is cast beforehand, and with the help of a mould, it is made to measure for the client. These moulds can vary and form different graphics.


Creating your custom pins for partnerships with our team of professionals is an incredibly quick and easy process. We provide you with the most capable design experience your partnership can have! After creating your order, you will have a wide variety of delivery options to choose from.


Decide on a shape that frames your impression perfectly and give it a personal touch with a creative finish: glossy, matt, gold, metallic or luminescent.

As professionals, we offer a wide variety of shapes and finishes in which you can personalise your pins for any association. Choose from round, square, triangular, oval, rectangular, pentagonal or hexagonal frames, etc. We can cover everything you need.

Printing with your association’s logo, designs or promotional messages is done in the creative style you choose. Choose a shape that frames your custom print in the best way and upload your logos or images to start designing.



  • Allows the identification of the company’s personnel
  • Help your employees to be satisfied
  • Create a work environment where morale is always high



Association pins are an excellent option that can be given a lot of purpose, let’s see some examples:

They are used by non-profit associations, as a method to raise funds and thus be able to fulfill some charitable activity.

It is one of the most popular methods where people take a small souvenir, which will surely last them a long time, and at the same time it is a reminder of their contribution to the cause of the activity.

At the same time, these pins are used by associations to generate publicity in an attractive way, and carrying a significant part where people will be able to quickly identify you wherever you are.

For the promotion of the association’s employees.
To commemorate the best employee of the association.
To generate a brand and improve the company’s marketing strategy.
To increase the morale and workforce of the companies.


Pins have been used as a commercial strategy to increase sales since they have existed. In the late 1890s, a popular cartoon character appeared on pins that were offered as prizes with every sale of a specific product.

This increased sales of the specific products, and was the beginning of a new marketing strategy with promotional merchandise. We have a large team of experts in the production and design of promotional products, and one of our greatest specialities is customised partnership pins.


To design your own pins for associations you only need your ingenuity, but if you have the help of a professional in the area much better. With our help, you can design the pin for your association that you have always dreamed of. In the form that you
you prefer, with the most durable material, with the enamel you have always wanted and with all those features and design you have always wanted, but with the help of a professional in the area.


Customised pins for associations are specially designed to create or spread a message through campaigns, sales strategies, commemorations and other purposes. A wide range of options can be covered to meet the needs of diverse customers.

We are with you every step of the way as we create your own custom association pins, no matter what type of organisation you are, from the first order to the finished product. Got questions? We have a great team that is always available to answer any questions.

If you’re really looking to make a difference through these great accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us and we will immediately work on your order, designing the best pins that can professionally represent your association and leave a mark on every person who wears them.