For many years, the pins for town councils have been characterised by the fact that they have become political campaigners and are used by high ranking personalities in this world.

However, they are also seen as a way to generate publicity during different events, looking for ways to engrave a company or organisation’s brand on people.

This way of marketing is quite simple to apply by means of personalised pins, to leave a clear message or unforgettable memory.


Town Hall pins have been used as political campaign tools since the time of George Washington. They are also very popular as brochures at conferences and trade fairs, on university campuses, for organizations
But those are not the only places / ways you can use the pins for city halls!


The pins for the town hall can be of different types, some of the most common are:

  • Felt town hall pins.
  • Plastic town hall pins.
  • Metal town hall pins.
  • City hall pins are used in the lapel.
  • Needlepoint city hall pins.
  • Pins for city halls made of toothpicks.
  • Pins for butterfly town hall.

There is a wide variety of pins for city council, but the most common are these and generally, the pins can have a commemorative date, the image of a historical site, something related to a political campaign or as a form of identification.

There are also people who classify town hall pins according to the material they are covered with, that is, whether they are gold, silver or copper plated.


  • Maximum Quality
  • Durability
  • Characteristic Brightness
  • Smooth surface


  • Ideal for Clothing
  • Collectors
  • Award ceremonies
  • Awards, commemorations

Regardless of the reason why you have chosen to use these types of pins for town halls, you are opting for a representative product for any circumstance. You can mark an important date, event or political campaign by giving your supporters a souvenir of why they are with you.

In short, when you find yourself in this type of situation you can’t risk losing quality for the price. These types of pins should reflect every detail and transmit quality and elegance without extravagance.



There are many ways of customising pins for town councils, one perhaps is by adding some covering, as in the previous case we talked about covering in gold, silver and copper. This is one way of customising them. Another way to do it is to change the size, in many political campaigns large town hall pins have been used to make them stand out more, this being a form of personalisation.

Honour the past and celebrate the future with custom pins that are manufactured in high quality for special occasions, such as these types of council models that take a meticulous process to achieve spectacular finishes:

Therefore, one of the first things to consider when customising a design council pin is the shape. We specialise in making all kinds of moulds, round and square, but there is a world of possibilities when it comes to giving shape.

Instead of having a shield stamped on a pin or striker, why not create a closure with the shape of the shield itself? We have made a variety of models inspired by almost every random object you can imagine.

Finally, creating a custom shape will not necessarily cost more than making a standard model, and since town hall designs are generally smaller, a custom shape will make better use of the space available to capture a design.

In the same way, it allows a little more space to include other custom options, turning each model into a unique object that represents the quality of the product.



Metallic coating is one of the most commonly used materials, although it may seem simple it is resistant and a more personal touch can be added. Gold, silver and high gloss copper plating are popular options.

Similarly, using coloured metals such as white powder coated metal can illuminate any type of artwork.

Certain types of plating work with certain types of designs. A metal design with different colours is more suitable for works of art without much filler, as the coating is more likely to take centre stage.

While coloured metals have a great impact, they set the tone for a design and work best with complementary glaze colours that help the veneer stand out even more.



  • They allow you to promote a political campaign
  • Helping to attract new voters
  • They allow you to create a political strategy against your competitors
  • They help to commemorate patriotic dates


The best political candidates have a plan for the future, creative solutions to problems and something important to say. In short, all the best qualities of someone who requires a customised product.

The good news is that town hall pins as for political organisations and campaigns go hand in hand. And as professionals we have the necessary experience in the impressive creations of political councils for this type of client.

In the end, the uses of city council pins are so infinite. There are uses for presidential pins, pins to show gratitude to employees, gift pins for different town councils and much more.

Some of the design elements that are common to these types of pins change according to the intended use of the pins, but if you are not sure how to design your town hall pins, you don’t have to worry, you are with the professionals.

  • Campaigns.
  • Policies.
  • Commemorations of events.
  • Commercials.
  • Promotions.
  • Political fairs.
  • Celebration of an important date.
  • For collection.


Nowadays, many people can design their own town hall pins, but with our help we can ensure that your town hall pins will stand out more, as we have the best tools, the best materials both in quality and durability. In the same way, we have city council pins with smooth surfaces and specialised tools to give your city council pins that characteristic shine.


When it comes to personalised pins for city councils, the options are diverse and aimed at large personalities such as end customers who are in the world of large personalities such as politicians.

Therefore, we have the necessary experience in making all kinds of badges: gratitude pins for volunteers and campaign staff, political fundraising pins in all imaginable shapes and sizes.

No matter what type of design you need, we have it covered by focusing on product quality to deliver a fully finished product representative of any city council organization.