Commemorations are events that represent the accomplishment of a feat achieved or an achievement accomplished. Therefore, many people consider it very important to celebrate it through a special event where some recognition is given.


For this reason, the best accessory that can be given is a personalised commemoration, as it is an element that reflects the guests’ gratitude and respect for the person who has managed to achieve an objective.

Throughout history many scientific, sporting, educational or other types of recognition have been given, as it is a special moment that reaches its moment of glory with the delivery of these accessories in particular.

For this reason, our personalized commemorations are made in the best way, with very good quality products, besides having a surprising originality, to properly recognize the achievement that we celebrate.


Our personalised commemorations are made according to the occasion you want to celebrate. Well, you can choose among the different designs we present, and we can also make your own model. This way, the results will be more attractive and original for the person you want to commemorate.

In the course of life there are definitely people who stand out for their scientific, educational or sports-related contributions, among thousands of other relevant achievements. These undoubtedly deserve special recognition.

In this sense, we prepare gifts and accessories for your commemorations, so that you can achieve the goal of honoring in a special way that important date or moment.

Commemorations represent a genuine feeling that people practice in order not to forget important dates. As well as the fact of recognizing the merit after the execution of great deeds or the accomplishment of outstanding milestones.

We know clearly, from its concept, that expressing and materializing the commemorations is a special and unforgettable act that we must never let go.

Therefore, we offer our clients a varied stock of articles for the commemorations.

Our products are renowned for their good taste and quality.

There is no better way to close a great occasion or event than by delivering a commemoration to the attendees. At Astur Pins we give you the opportunity to create the best personalised commemorations completely to your taste, with the design and inscription that you like the most.



Personalised commemorations can be awarded for multiple achievements, so there are a variety of types to suit each.

Holidays or historical celebrations are events worthy of recognition. Therefore, they can be ideal occasions to use our personalised commemorations, to which you can add the date of the event.

You can also use these accessories to recognise the good performance of a company’s employees. However, it can also be a way of encouraging them to continue working as they have been doing.

Sports achievements are situations that make a whole country proud, so personalized commemorations can be given to athletes who achieve such achievements.

In academic institutions, the great successes of students should be recognized, as well as the performance of teachers. That is why they can be commemorated with our personalized accessories.

In addition, family events can also be a reason to use these accessories, whether it is a wedding, a baptism, a birthday, or even the departure of a loved one.

On the other hand, religious dates can be great events for vowed persons. Therefore, these accessories are ideal to commemorate these events, as a way to venerate what happened.

Where personalised commemorations are most often used are in military acknowledgements and promotions. For, these accessories indicate the level of hierarchy in which the personnel are found, and therefore instills respect.

Another time when these accessories are frequently used is in awards for various areas of knowledge, to recognise the work of great academics in their different areas.

No matter what moment you choose to commemorate, there is nothing better than doing it with an accessory of very good quality and originality that lasts over time. Therefore, our personalized commemorations are perfect for this purpose.

Recognitions or commemorations represent the expression that has been used for centuries in all kinds of cultures to highlight people’s outstanding participation.

As well as for the extraordinary development within a society or group.

In this sense we list a representative sample of the type of commemorations we offer you for your events, whether they are of a family or institutional nature.

▪ Cultural commemorations concerning holidays or historical traditions

▪ Work commemorations in order to recognize the excellent performance of
▪ Sporting commemorations to exalt the discipline and effort of the athletes.
▪ Academic commemorations that are awarded to the most outstanding students.

▪ Commemorations for wedding anniversaries, departure of family or friends, baptisms and birthdays, among others.

▪ Commemorations of a religious nature where fervor and religiosity are embodied.
▪ Commemorations of the official and/or military order where the courage and honour of men and women stand out.
▪ Professional commemorations to applaud the performance of people in any of the existing areas of knowledge.

We invite you to remember or recall special moments or people, with our products, all are conceptualized and elaborated considering your feeling and

Many say that words are carried away by the wind, so there is nothing better than to capture in one of our commemorations those phrases that last a lifetime. They are the perfect framework to honour and pay tribute to everything that is synonymous with pride and gratitude.

Never miss the opportunity to commemorate those who truly deserve it.